(@ryangreen8) is an indie game developer and freelance application developer with 14 years professional experience. (see Media GreenhouseThat Dragon, Cancer has given Ryan the chance to flex his artistic muscle and learn to create cg art with tools like Blender and Photoshop. Ryan worked for Soma Games as a developer lead for 2 years and DaVita, a dialysis provider, for 10 years as a developer and software architect.




(@godatplay) is a videogame developer and designer pursuing a vision for deeply meaningful, faith-based experiences that leave a lasting impact on people. He’s currently a game designer and programmer for That Dragon, Cancer. As an artist, designer, and programmer, he has spent 15 years in multimedia and the last 9 of those years as a co-founder of several game studios developing commercial videogames for a variety of platforms. (see Josh Larson’s portfolio)



Amy is a writer and speaker, but her most important job is being a mother to four incredible sons.  She is passionate about contributing as a writer to That Dragon, Cancer.



(@jonhillmanmusic) is a composer and sound designer with 10+ years professional experience (http://www.jonhillman.com) He started playing piano at the age of four, and his life has revolved around music and sound ever since. Seeing incredible potential for interactive audio, That Dragon, Cancer gives Jon a great opportunity to explore and learn in the context of a truly meaningful experience.



(@RyanCousins) is a 3D artist who started off his career with Midway Games and has moved into the TV realm working for Nickelodeon. A strong passion for lighting and 3D has tied his professional career together for the past 7 years. His passion for games and telling compelling stories has led him back into the gaming scene working on That Dragon, Cancer.



(@mrcl3an) is a software developer with 14+ years professional experience whom also enjoys voice over acting and project and development management.  He has built and managed teams both onshore and offshore of over 30 developers, QA analysts and configuration managers.  His heart is in the creation of video games and he is very excited to be focusing more time in that arena by working closely with the team in a project management role on That Dragon, Cancer.


Brock Henderson

(@pxlPug) is a designer and developer. He co-founded the design firm Paper Tower and the mobile game studio Elevate Entertainment. That Dragon, Cancer has given him the opportunity to work with his friends on the most meaningful project of his career.




Xan Shabe - http://thingsthingsandthings.tumblr.com
Amanda Mullins - http://www.amandamullins.com
Nat Iwata - http://www.natiwata.com